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We take utmost pride in enhancing driveways as this is the first thing people see when they arrive at your home. 

We can also offer a re-sanding and re-sealing service after cleaning.


We can help you make the most out of your garden in Spring and Summer. 

We can clean the patio as well as seating areas, garden furniture and walls. 


Pathways can become very slippery when  exposed to the harsh  elements. In addition to looking unsightly, it poses a significant safety hazard. 

A deep clean of the area will remove the moss and algae thus leaving a safer surface.


Weathered brickwork can often change colour significantly over time. In most cases we can bring the walls back to their former colour. 

All brickwork can be jet washed successfully and clients are often pleasantly surprised when the original colour is restored.

Garden Furniture

Garden furniture, when exposed to the harsh elements, can become discoloured and soiled. A jetwash can often restore the colours underneath the grime and algae. 

We also offer an additional refinishing service to protect your newly cleaned outdoor furniture. Children’s play areas and toys can also benefit from a deep clean to maintain sanitary standards.  

Fire Exits-Building Facades

Commercial premises (as well as domestic with multiple users) hugely benefit from maintaining clean and safe outside areas, stairs and footpaths.

The outside of your building can be jet washed to clean off algae and stains and maintain safety standards to end users. We also offer annual care packages to suit all needs.

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