About Me

Hello, my name is Graham Griffin and I am the founder of GG JETWASH. From an early age I have been fascinated with water and my mum would always joke that I should have been born with webbed feet.

It is a surprisingly dirty process but one that is done without hesitation and fuss. I take the utmost care to be thorough, methodical,meticulous and considerate. As such, all mess is completely cleared away and everything is left clean and tidy.

I always take pride in achieving the highest customer satisfaction as can be seen in my postive client feedback. 

Clients often marvel at how satisfying the process is to watch and for me that is a true testament to a job well done. The before and after photos as well as the videos speak for themselves.

With many years of experience and knowledge of all surfaces (brick, wood, resin, plastic etc) GG JETWASH can handle it all.

We endeavour to always provide a competitive and reasonable price and a reliable service with a smile.

Best wishes, stay safe